Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy July

I hope everyone had a good weekend, whether you celebrated Canada Day or the 4th of July or neither.  Or both, I suppose!

We spent the weekend doing some last minute camping (!).  It turns out our temporary living arrangements are too stress-inducing for Lil' Kai, so he's spending some time with our wonderful, wonderful trainers over at Dogs in the Park.  A month of time, actually.  And Lance is spending a couple of weeks there himself.  We think of it as our puppies going to summer camp!

What does this have to do with camping?  Well, while they spend so much time away from us, we need to see them and spend time with them in order to not destroy the bonds we've formed with them in the past year or two.  So we get to spend weekends with them.  But we can't bring them back to Markham (because of the stress), we can't take them to Ancaster (because the house is now on the market), and we can't take them to a hotel (because it would be as stressful as the place in Markham).  That leaves us with camping.  Luckily, we really like camping, so it's not a problem.  Well, most of the time it's not a problem.  Last minute camping reservations for Canada Day weekend left us with a spot SEVEN HOURS away.  We've traveled longer distances for camping, but not for just three days! 

The really bad part?  Kai seriously injured his dew claw just before the trip, so he was on crate rest over the weekend and could not go.  Sheesh! Still, we and Lance had a great time.  And it was really nice to reconnect with him on a two-humans-to-one-dog level.  Not to mention it was a really laid-back trip, lol!

This weekend (and the next) means more camping, but luckily much closer to home.  (Thanks, Sue!)  We plan to have a ball (sometimes literally) with two dogs this time!

And maybe we'll even throw in some sleep!