Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I'm sorry I've yet again missed many days of posting, Dear Readers.  Life reared up its head and blogging went down in priorities for the last couple of weeks.  I hope you all had a Happy Halloween, a Blessed Samhain, or both.  (I'm bummed I missed posting everything I had planned for the holiday, but there's always next year.  :)  )

My own holiday went much better than last year.  DH and I are getting better at blending the two aspects, and hopefully will continue to improve.  We managed this year to combine honoring our ancestors and dearly departed with watching a couple of scary movies, and did justice to both, if I do say so myself.

On to Yule. 


Terri said...

I was just coming online to post my own "missing" blog. :)

Happy Samhain!

CousinLinda said...

I guess October interfered with lots of blogging. I've seen at least two others, besides ours, with similar posts today.