Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Update

I had a long talk with DH last Friday night, and I managed to convince him that we really had had enough of being unreasonably cold for this year.  The result--we're not going camping over Yule.  That being decided, we went on to talk about decorating issues.

Are we not in the holiday spirit because we haven't decorated, or have we not decorated because we're not in the holiday spirits?  This was the question.  We decided to start finding the answer by forcing ourselves to make plans for a Longest Night celebration (a concept stolen from Jacqueline Carey's Kushiel's Dart series).  Here is our list:

1.  Dinner (We'll spend the day cooking a grand feast for two.)
2.  A trip down to Niagara Falls, to enjoy their holiday lights.
3.  Ritual baths.
4.  Yule Ritual
5.  A trip out to our very own "dark spot" to (weather permitting) gaze at Yule constellations and, of course, the lunar eclipse.
6.  Back home to greet the dawn.
7.  A celebratory breakfast, with mimosas and Mexican pancakees  (largely prepared the day before)

After making this grand plan, we decided to deck the halls after all.  We're still not hanging fairy lights, but we've got the tree upstairs and the wreaths hung, and we'll finish the decorating tonight, including the ritual room and the altar.  (I'll try to remember to post pics.)

Now I'm just hoping I can stay awake for everything!


Magaly Guerrero said...

You guys usually camp during the Winter Solstice? You are extremely brave! Or maybe I'm just a cold coward...

I hope you have a blast with this years plans ;-)

CousinLinda said...

Thanks, Magaly!

We don't very often camp over the Winter Solstice, and even when we do, it's not that impressive, lol!--previously we've lived in Texas, British Columbia and California! We've never actually been snow camping, although we've always wanted to do so. Maybe this coming winter! :)

Terri said...

I agree with Magaly. Anyone who camps in the winter is braver than I.

Your yule plans sound delightful!

Happy holidays!