Thursday, November 8, 2012

3rd Day of Our Trip

 After a bit more sightseeing the next morning, we left Quebec City about noon.  The scenery, though impressive, was not too different from what we'd seen the previous day, though we did get closer to real mountains than we've been in a long time.

 In mid-afternoon we passed  a small, insular town that reminded us of David and Harmony, two werewolves from one of our recent games.  There seemed to be two cops for every person, though that wasn't hard to do, and we felt very out of place there.  (Please pardon the slightly blurred photo, as it was taken from the car.)  :)

Here's a shot of "downtown."  Very quaint, very quiet.

We did get some great pictures of fall foliage there,

 as well as some interesting cloud shots.

The most beautiful scenery we saw that day, however, was  toward the end of the day, at the edge of Bic National Park. We seriously considered camping there for the night, but it was starting to rain.  Setting up camp in the dark or the rain is no fun, and setting it up in both is just miserable, so we passed.  I wonder if we'll always regret it, though.

Instead, we spent the night in Rimouski, Quebec and enjoyed all the comforts of city life.  :)


KristinBlack said...

Hi there! I stumbled upon your blog but can't remember where from. I have always dreamed of taking a roadtrip up to Canada! You are lucky. Those are beautiful pictures. Take care.

CousinLinda said...

Hi, Kristin!

Thank you, and welcome. We really enjoyed it, and wished we'd had twice as much time!

Jenn said...

I've been enjoying your pictures as you've been posting them, but then I realized that I haven't left any comments! Quebec is so pretty in the fall. I laughed at the Riviere du Loup sign! Maybe that's where they settled down! :)

CousinLinda said...

I'm glad you've been enjoying them, Jenn. And don't feel like you have to comment to do so!

I hadn't even thought about them settling down there! But you're right--they headed that direction!