Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Days 9 & 10

The last two days of our trip were fairly uneventful.  We drove the rest of the way through Maine, through a bit of New Hampshire and through Vermont, then into Eastern New York before driving back into Ontario.  We did a little shopping and took a few photos, but mostly we just wanted to get home.  I was starting to feel genuinely ill, and I was thoroughly sick of taking pictures--I'd taken over 1,000 in the last eight days!  (No telling how many DH took.)  I was wondering if I'd ever want to hold a camera again!

We took pictures of much gorgeous scenery:

Ran into some truly dismal weather (And that's saying something, considering the weather we'd already hit on this trip.):

And saw the tail end of a fall festival in Burlington, Vermont:

It was thoroughly enjoyable and thoroughly exhausting, and I'm  SO glad we did it!  We will definitely visit Newfoundland  next summer!

I expect our next big trip will in all likelihood be the move back to Texas.


Jenn said...

It was pretty, even if the weather was gloomy!

Oh hey, I've got a friend in Burlington VT! I should check her blog to see if she's got any pictures up from festivals at that time. :)

CousinLinda said...

It WAS still pretty. Heavy rain just doesn't play well with expensive cameras, lol!