Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Far North

With our love of roadtrips, we got it into our heads to go as far north as we could go by road while staying in Ontario this past Victoria Day weekend. We found a little logging road that headed about 100 kms north of Cochrane, Ontario, and got to the end of it right about sunset.

This timing made the trip back extremely interesting. Especially when we almost hit the moose in the middle of the freeway a couple of hours later. (We didn't, thanks to Don's incredible reflexes). Still, the trip was one of our most successful in terms of wildlife spotting:

2 baby black bears
3 or 4 black bear yearlings
6 to 7 adult black bears
1 Great Horned Owl
3 lynx (lynxes?)
a handful of bunnies
1 white-tail deer fawn
1 adult white-tail deer
And, last but certainly not least,
1 adult bull moose

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