Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Where to start, where to start?

Bad news first: Obama is disappointing me and pissing me off--where does he get off towing the Republican line about gay marriage? It makes every one of the good things he's done suspect. What's his ultimate agenda? What is just about getting a black man in the White House? If so, screw him. If it was about changing things for the better, why doesn't he support EVERYONE who voted for him? I thought he just hadn't had time to deal with it, what with everything, but apparantly not. Apparantly he thought long and hard and decided that he wasn't really a Democrat after all.

Better stuff: Yesterday, Don and I applied for a Shiloh Shephard puppy. (Shiloh Shephards are long-haired German Shepherds, basically.) We'll know in the next few weeks if we've been accepted or not.

Also, D&D Tiny Adventures on Facebook is proving to be fun. Thanks, Marie!

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