Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Life Update

Hello, Dear Readers.

I'm sorry I haven't posted in a week.  What with getting a cold last week, Kai graduating from his final puppy class last Sunday, Labor Day, and traveling to Michigan for my LD doctor appointment, I've barely even looked at my computer.

I'm mostly over the cold now.  Considering that DH was sick at the same time, it's been fun, but we're both glad to be feeling better.  :)

Kai did well at his graduation--he got 1st prize for being the best at 'sit-stay' and tied for 'best overall'.  He is looking forward to his first Levels class (similar to Obedience Training), even though he earned his Level 1 by being able to do everything asked of him at the graduation.

We had an interesting Labor Day that included removing a bad headlight bulb from the Prius and then not being able to get the new bulb back into it.  (The nice people at the Toyota Dealership in Rochester, MI put it in for us the next day.)  We also had to drop our puppies off at the kennel, a first for both of them.  Then we had to drive 4 hours and go through an International Border Crossing to get down to Rochester.  We were really happy to get to the hotel!

The LD doctor is taking my LD seriously.  Blood was taken and sent off for extensive testing, and he gave me nutritional supplements to help with the chronic fatigue and the joint pain.  I'm going back in three weeks to discuss test results and further treatment.  I feel optimistic about getting better for the first time in months!

And, finally, I'm really hoping the supplements help the fatigue quickly, 'cause these two Pagans and two puppies are participating in the 21st Annual Wiggle Waggle WalkaThon this Sunday, to benefit the SPCA.  If you have even a few dollars to spare, please sponsor me at  .  (Even if you don't, check out the link--there's a cute pic of the puppies on it.)

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