Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Runes and Me

I've always loved tarot cards, even before I knew anything about them.  (Not that I know all that much now, mind you.)  I like the look and size and feel of them.  And, due to my suspected Rom roots, I've always been attracted to tea leaves and crystal scrying, too.

But runes?  What do the Norse Paths have to do with me?  I don't have any ancestors from the area, I don't feel any particular attraction to it, and I've never felt any affinity for their pantheon.  So how could runes possibly help me/work for me?

But I wonder now.  I had an assignment in one of my classes that had to do with runes--I and a friend/relative/spouse were each supposed to pick a rune and explain why we felt it applied to us.  I emailed my teacher and told her all the things I mentioned in the previous paragraph, and she advised I just choose one at random, since they didn't do anything for me, so I (and my DH) did.

I chose raido (R), because we’re about to embark on a symbolic journey by putting the house on the market and, hopefully, moving soon.  I thought the fact that it is associated with September/October made it even more fitting.  Don chose isaz (i) because he loves the cold and is looking forward as much as I am to its coming.  Simple, quick decisions that we thought meant little.

Then I decided to research them a bit more before I turned in the assignment.  I googled  (love that new verb) and found  (Sorry, but I hate links to pdfs, so I purposefully didn't link it.)  There, I found that the runes we chose were, as I stated in my assignment, eerily appropriate.  I found that radio not only means journey, but also "pilgrimage, change, destiny, quest, progress, life lessons."  And while isaz means ice, it "primarily represents a period of rest before activity."

All very, very fitting when we are about to attempt to sell our home and find a new one.


CousinDon said...

Bring on the SNOW!

CousinLinda said...

Are you sure you want that, Dear, what with trying to sell the house and everything?