Thursday, March 15, 2012

Retrograde Problems

Finally, we've actually been able to lease a house, so we won't be homeless come April.  After two separate lease offers not working (the first wanted twice as long a lease period as we were willing to give, the second just never got back to us), we were getting seriously worried.  Neither of us have rented in over ten years, and neither of us have rented in Ontario.  We didn't realize just how difficult it would be find a place that would accept our two huge dogs.

Still, that's behind us now.  As of two days ago, we have a signed and accepted lease agreement for a house not too far from DH workplace.

What was surprising to me was how much of an affect Mercury's Retrograde had on the process.  I generally avoid starting anything new on retrograde days, and I'd never really noticed any problems, other than maybe general psychological 'blahs.'  The same was true this time--we weren't starting anything, we were finishing it, or so I thought.

Then the trouble started.  We simply had to initial a couple of changes on the lease we'd already signed, and send it back to our realtor.  First, a small one--the pen wouldn't work.  No problem, just replace it.  Then, with three separate computers, we had problem after problem after problem with our printer/scanner.  One couldn't see it at all.  Another said it was offline even though we could see it wasn't.  Etc, etc., etc..  When we finally got the six or so pages digitally scanned, the pdf document was too large for Gmail's limits, and DH was not able to log into his work account to do it from there.  Okay, so we have to scan it again, and break it into two pieces.  More difficulty.  Aaaaargh!!!!  (And all the time, our realtor is waiting at her office for the document, so she can send it to the landlord's realtor.  This was going on between seven and eight pm, mind you.) 

We finally got the document where it was supposed to be, but all that trouble was AMAZING.  We're talking about two fairly tech savvy individuals, working with programs and equipment we've both used literally hundreds of times before, and with which we don't usually have any trouble.

The only thing I could figure is that the universe saw this as a beginning, not an ending.


nefaeria said...

Congrats on finding a place! :)

I too am a renter in Ontario and I have noticed over the last 5 years or so many more places are advertising "no pets".

From what I understand though about the tenant act here in Ontario is that a lease is actually null and void in regards to pet ownership {with the acception of some situations}. Prior to moving in you are not protected under the act, so a potential landlord could not accept you as a tenant if you inform them of your pets, but I don't think you can be evicted without cause just because you have a pet.

Anyhoo, all the best in your new home!

CousinLinda said...

Thank you, Nefaeria. It's good to hear from someone who knows the ropes here in Ontario. :)