Thursday, February 16, 2012

It Can Now Be Mentioned

A few days ago, I published a post with some information I couldn't yet disclose.  See the reference to "some job thing that cannot be mentioned yet" in this post.  Finally, however, DH's company has announced the change, so I'm now free to blog about it.

Not to brag, but a mere six months after starting his current job, my DH has impressed them so much that he has been offered a more important position.  The job is more of a lateral move than an upward one, as the job level is the same, but he changes from having no actual employees working for him to having a team of eleven.  I'm very, very proud of him.  Of course, this is the man who was able to get not one but two job offers in the abysmal job market that was the tech industry after nine-eleven, so I'm not at all surprised!

While the job is a tremendous change for him in his professional life, the really big change, for both of us, is that it is in the Texas office!  Yep, that's right. We're moving back to the States.  We debated back and forth for days before he accepted the position, as we both prefer Canada for any number of reasons, and we definitely prefer the four seasons here in Ontario to the blistering heat of Texas.  But the fact that both of our moms live down there finally decided us.

This is not a permanent move.  We have not abandoned The Plan.  Have I talked about The Plan here?  It's pretty simple, really.  It  revolves around getting back to Vancouver, BC.  We left it close to ten years ago and still long for it.  (For more than a year after we were forced to leave due to post-nine-eleven issues, I almost couldn't say words beginning with a 'V' without bursting into tears.  I missed it that much.  Still do, as a matter of fact.  Writing this makes me a bit teary-eyed still.) At any rate, fear not, this move back to Texas will not interfere with that.  We still plan to move back after retirement, if not before.

In the meantime, Texas is where I grew up, it's where my mom still lives.  It's where DH and I met, and his mom has recently moved there, too.  We'll be moving to Austin, where we lived when we first got together, and where I attended university and lived a significant portion of my adult life.  We still have tons of friends there.  It will be good to be back there with all those people we love, at least  for a few years.

And the food.  Did I mention the food?  We'll be able to get REAL Tex-Mex again!  And real chorizo!  And margaritas almost as good as the ones in Mexico itself.  There's Chuy's and Texadelphia and the Magnolia Cafe!  There's the Brick Oven Pizza Restaurant and the Salt Lick.  And that's not to mention home cooking from both our families.  I'm going to gain so much weight!

As to the logistics, we're going to have to rent a house, 'cause we're not planning to move back until next September.  His new job officially starts on March 1, but we're delaying due to temperature and a citizenship issue.  Still, Texas, here we come!



Paula said...

Welcome back to the Texas heat. Where as you both well know the year consists of nine months of sizzling hot sun and three months of hot weather.

CousinLinda said...

Yes, we remember! And we're dreading it, but we're still moving back!