Friday, April 13, 2012

[Pagan Blog Project] H is for Home Cleansing

Since we just moved into a new house (I need to change the picture on this blog), I thought sharing the house cleansing I plan to do would be appropriate.  It’s a fairly simple process, and it should have been done before we moved in here, but after will work, too. 

Start by cleaning EVERYTHING (floors, walls, counters, windows, etc.) with some form of lavender in order to purify and to attract positive energies.  It can be simple lavender water, it can be powdered lavender, whatever you prefer will work.  Move widdershins as you do this, and perform this chant:

Negative energy be gone from here
Only positive and good come near.

Now that you have cleaned the house, the next step is to sweep negative energy away.  Weather permitting, open all your doors and windows.  After you do so, take your besom, thoroughly “sweep” out every room, even the closets, even the garage!  Again, move widdershins.  While you do so, continue to repeat the chant. 

Close the doors and windows.  Light a sage bundle (VERY lightly, you don’t want problems with smoke inhalation!).  Once again, moving widdershins and repeating the chant, walk through the house, stopping at every door, every window, and in every room to describe a pentagram with your sage.  Repeat the above chant if you feel it is necessary.  This last step will finish the cleansing and protect against the return of negative energy.

After you have finished, do whatever you can to keep negative energy away and encourage positive energy to fill the space.  Burn rosemary incense, laugh a lot, perform a House Blessing—anything you feel will keep the balance in the positive.

The house should now feel light and airy.


Flora said...

Hey Cousin - I am a small town witch too! This is great. I am in the middle of my spring cleaning and plan to do my ubber smudge next weekend. I am having a party to help me bring in happiness and good vibes. Thanks for the idea about rosemary incense.
Best of Blessings,

CousinLinda said...

Hi Flora. Using a party to bring in positive energy is a brilliant idea! I hope yours goes really well.