Friday, May 28, 2010

New Gardening Plan

For the past two years, I've planted pots and window boxes full of "pretty" plants--plants selected to make the house more attractive should the market all of a sudden get better. No more!

I know I'm a month or so late (being late is the story of my life), but in the next few weeks I'm going to plant herbs. All kinds of herbs. I've already got rosemary, sage and chives, so I'll probably be expanding to thyme, dill, anise, and cilantro. I might also add garlic and cardamom. All of this is dependent on whether any of it will grow here in Southern Ontario, of course, but that is my plan.


JustMyThoughts. said...

that is really cool. I love planting and all that. My family and I used to grow our own rosemary and basil! :)

CousinLinda said...

Hi Just My Thoughts! I can't wait to get to the planting stage, but I want to wait until the moon is waxing, not waning.