Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Productive Long Weekend

Well, we didn't actually get any hiking done (in part thanks to heavier rainfall than predicted on Saturday), but it was a good weekend anyway. We vegged, got some chores done, got the canoe photographed so we can actually list it, spent a lot of time at the dog park (Lance's pano seems to have cleared up, and he seems to be back to being his previously happy-with-the-world self.), got a month's worth of meat smoked (Less cooking inside! Yay!) and, best of all, got the backyard arranged more to our liking.

That latter item doesn't SEEM like it would be important, seeing as we've been living in this house over 5 years and plan to put it on the market in September, but it is. You see, we needed to sell the house two years and a half years ago, and put it on the market just as the market fell to rock bottom. Sigh. So we've kind of been in limbo for the past two years, not wanting to spend any more money on the house, not wanting to start any new gardening projects, etc. Not to mention that the house isn't really set up for an outside deck/patio anyway, seeing as the driveway wraps around the left side, and there are no doors on the back or right side. Walking across the driveway to get to the yard has never been particularly appealing, so we dragged our feet doing anything about it before we needed to sell it, too. (Overall, though, it's a good thing it didn't sell then, as our lifestyle and desires have changed so much since we found Wicca.)

At any rate, we broke down and bought some patio furniture, moved things around so we'd have a relatively flat spot to set it on, and now have a little tiny patio at the back! Very exciting!

From An EeeBee Life

And we found a place for the puppy's wading pool (No, he's not spoiled, why?)where it won't kill the grass. Also a good thing!

(He still fits in it, but just! Still, he's all but through growing, so it should last him and his soon-to-show-up little brother or sister through the summer.)

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