Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Kai's 1st Trip to the Dog Park

Against our trainer's advice, we took Kai on his very 1st trip to the local dog park today.  It actually went pretty well.  He met about 20 new dogs, and about the same number of new people.  (Because he was taken from his litter early, we're doubling the recommended 100 dogs/200 people met before being 20 weeks old.  So far, he's "collected"  151 people and 70 dogs. )

Interestingly enough, there were mostly big dogs there today, most of them nearing a hundred pounds.  Lance, of course, was ecstatic--lots and lots of playmates.  And Kai?  Kai didn't seem fazed at all.  He seemed more comfortable meeting these dogs, all off-leash, than he does playing with the other puppies in puppy class.  Maybe it's because he's so accustomed to playing with his big brother.

Here he is on his way into the park, meeting his first dog-park dog.

And this one was taken right before he got REALLY dirty:

On to the Niagara DogFest this weekend!

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