Wednesday, July 14, 2010


 Talking about the paranormal on a forum I'm on (The Witches' Path), I typed this in response to a query about a few events I'd witnessed:

The first incident happened when I was in high school.  Growing up in a very small town, the list of things to do was very short.  One of the things on it was just riding around with your friends with no particular purpose in mind, through town and around the nearby country roads.  One night, a group of us drove into the cemetery, circled a few times, and drove out.  As we turned out, we saw something black, human-sized but animal shaped, in the sweep of the headlights.  As we continued down the road, it started running on all fours alongside the car, but in the tall weeds on the side of the road, so we couldn't see it clearly.  We got a little nervous, and the driver accelerated, but the thing, whatever it was, kept up with us.  We were still thinking it was an animal of some sort (although nothing native to South Texas, mind you).  We started to get downright scared when we accelerated to about 35 mph, about as fast as we could safely go on the dirt road we were on, and it kept pace with us.  We really started freaking out at that point, and the driver went even faster, up to nearly 50 mph.  It finally started falling back, but as it lost ground, it turned and looked into the back seat, and its eyes were most definitely red, even though there were no lights reflecting in them, as it was well behind the headlights, and not far enough back for the taillights.  We all screamed at that point, and the driver floored it, almost losing control of the car.  She managed to get control of it, and we left as quickly as we could, circled a LONG way around, and went back to town.  In the subsequent days, we asked everyone we knew if they'd ever heard or seen anything like that, but no one had.  It was a long time before we went anywhere near that road again, though, especially at night.  I can still remember it quite clearly, and I still have no earthly idea what it might have been.  Or UNearthly idea, really.  Anybody have any ideas?

Another, less spectacular, incident happened when my husband and I moved into a house a few years ago.  After we moved in, we felt a little uncomfortable in it, so we had a friend cleanse it.  (Neither of us knew anything about it back then.)  She did a great job, and the house felt much better, but after she left we realized she'd forgotten to do the garage.  She came back the next day, and while we were standing by the garage door talking about it, the light over our heads flickered and went out, and a second later there was a crashing noise in the garage.  Hesitant as we were, we entered the garage to investigate, but found no evidence of anything having fallen.  Our friend cleansed the garage as she had the rest of the house, and we had no more problems.

And although I personally don't think of possible life on other planets as paranormal, I've also seen a UFO.  At the time, I didn't know if it was an alien craft or a super-secret military project.  Now, 15 years later, I'm thinking the former, since I've yet to hear of anything even close to the technology I witnessed:  My then-fiancee and I were walking along a riverwalk, fairly late at night, talking and star-gazing.  We saw a particular bright light, which we assumed was a plane, flying across our field of vision left to right.  Just as we noticed it, it dove straight down, perfectly straight, about halfway to the horizon, then, in another 90 degree change of direction, took off to the right again, and disappeared from our view, accelerating impossibly rapidly.

As a result of these encounters, there is very little in which I don't believe.

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