Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Sorry I haven't posted anything lately.  Been super-busy with new puppy, long weekend, and upcoming dog show.

We now have Kai in Early Puppyhood Education, and Lance on Rocking Horse Walk (a group walk for puppies that have gotten too big for Puppy Walk, but are too young for Adult Walk).  As well, both are furthering their crate-training, as they each have to stay in their crates while their 'brother' is participating in his own class.

Lance is also taking handling classes, so hopefully he will show better at this competition than at the last one!  We're very excited today, 'cause he actually let us position him for "stacking" without sitting down on us!  We're really hoping that by Sunday he will stack (stand correctly for his breed) on command.

 We had a VERY frustrating long weekend.  Don got Thursday the 1st (Canada Day) off, of course,  and he took Friday also, desperately trying to keep from total burnout at his all-consuming job.  Of course, Wednesday night we got a call from the people who were scheduled to seal our driveway, saying they had to come on Thursday.  "On CANADA DAY???" we inquired.  They assured us they were working on the National Holiday.  Okay.  We spent the morning clearing plants, grills, and so on off the driveway, and making sure the dogs could get to the side garage door so they wouldn't have to cross the driveway to get out to the yard.  Then we waited.

And waited.

And waited.

We couldn't get anyone on the phone, so we eventually gave up and went to puppy class, which was also being held on Canada Day.  Sigh.  When we got back at around 8 pm, the team was there, taping the driveway.  "You're not going to do this at this hour???"

"Yes, we have plenty of time before dark," they assured us.

And they did.  Until their machine broke down.  And the other machine didn't come until after dark.  And their boss decided they had to quit.

That's fine, we thought.  They said they'd finish the next day.  No problem.

We spent most of Friday on the phone threatening law suits and complaints to the Better Business Bureau if they didn't actually get out there and do it.  They finally, finally allowed as to how they could get out to us Saturday at noon.  Okay, we growled.

We called again Saturday at 1 pm.  This time, they were delayed by problems at ANOTHER job.  We were assured they'd be there at 5 pm.  We decided if they weren't, we were done with them.  They showed up at 4:58 pm.

At which point we were informed that it would take 48 hours to dry, not the 24 they had originally told us it would take.

We didn't strangle anyone.

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