Monday, June 28, 2010

Fruits of Our Labors

Because we planted fairly mature plants late in the season, we're already able to harvest some of the produce from them.  Our mint was doing so well that yesterday we took enough to make plenty of mojitos.  Both yesterday evening and this afternoon we sat on our mini-patio and enjoyed the warm weather and the cold alcohol!

Today, we picked a couple of hot peppers to use in a stir fry tomorrow, to which we'll add some of the cilantro that's overrunning its pot.  It's doing so well, in fact, that I'm glad it's one of our favorite cooking herbs.

Outside of culinary uses, I don't have any specific magickal plans for the herbs yet.  I'll probably use the mint for prosperity, travel, and/or happiness, the cilantro I'll most likely use for home protection.  I have no idea what my kitchen witch DH is planning for the stir-fry tomorrow.

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