Monday, June 21, 2010

Sir Kai of Shadowgate

We got the new puppy this weekend!  His call name is Kai, and he's adjusting quite well to life here.  Lance is adjusting well, too (except that he won't let Kai play with any of his toys by himself, that is).  And DH and I are getting there--we'll be much better adjusted in a few days when Kai gets used to his crate and stops crying at two hour intervals through the night.  :)

We were so convinced we were going to get a girl that we had already bought all kinds of pink puppy items--leash, collar, brush, etc.  But when we met this little guy, we fell in love with him, and ended up taking all the pretty pink stuff back for more 'manly' items in black and brown.


Lance and Kai at Play

Kai being bad!

Happy Litha, Everyone!


Terri said...

Adorable! I've been toying with the idea of getting a puppy but am just not totally committed just yet to all the training and whatnot. Your two dogs look happy together.

CousinLinda said...

Thanks! They are getting along really well--better than we had even hoped. :) (And I can't believe we've signed on to all the time and effort for the second time in a year!)