Thursday, June 24, 2010


Kai wore a collar for the first time in his very short life today--A tiny little black thing from Harley Davidson with "Bad to the Bone" written on it.  (And boy, is he living up to it!  But that's another story.)  Tomorrow he walks on leash for the very first time.  We decided he'd better get used to it before this weekend, when he takes his first major outing, as well as his first puppy class.  The outing, on Saturday, is to the grand opening of the new facility of the previously mentioned Dogs In The Park.  The class, "Early Puppyhood Education" by the same, is on Sunday.

Puppy class is so much fun, as much for the people as for the puppies.  It's more for socialization than any any actual learning, so you get to play with and pet lots and lots of puppies, as well as watching them interact with each other.

Can't wait!

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