Friday, June 18, 2010

Container Gardening Gone Mad

Okay, so we had one herb left after we finished potting them, and one pot that was WAY too big for it, or any of them, really.  No problem.  We'd drop by our favorite nursery, drop off the thin, plastic pots in which they sell plants (since the recycling guys won't take them), and grab another small pot for the feverfew.  Oh, and what about a tomato plant for that big pot?  Again, no problem.

EXCEPT, once we're there, we figure if we're going to get tomato plants, we should get at least a couple of plants.  And what about two varieties of them?  And what about a few pepper plants?  Oh, and look!  They have stevia!  (Only one plant, but they'll be getting more later this week.)  And so on. End result, we now have a small container vegetable garden as well as an herb garden. 

Or we will as soon as we get more pots for them.  :)

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