Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Good Storm

I had the tv on in the background, but wasn't paying attention to it or to anything going on outside when all of a sudden the satellite feed went bonkers.  I thought my tv had fizzled up and died, it was going in and out so erratically.  It was during one of the out phases that I realized I could hear wind and rain outside, and it wasn't my tv but the signal.  Of course, my first thought was "I really hope Kai doesn't wake up and need to go outside right now."  But my second thought was "A GREAT opportunity for today's photo!"

I didn't think I had time to find a plastic bag to put over the camera, so I ran to the front door.  I managed to get a few decent shots hanging out of it, including the one I chose as my photo for the 365 Project (see below).  Not to mention it was cool just enjoying the heavy rain up close.  Of course, I did enjoy it a lot closer when I had to take the puppies out shortly after that--it was the wettest my Gore-Tex had been since I left BC!

Day 13 -- Bejeweled

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