Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Life Lists

I've always found the idea of a life list interesting, but I've always hated the terms "Bucket List" and "Things to Do Before I Die List". They both sound SO depressing. However, I have found a phrase that isn't negative. From Goddess Leonie I found "Things to Do This Life." It was such a wonderful, optimistic thought, it inspired me to start my own right away.

I've got 150+ items on it so far, ranging from the almost done #23 (Create a Vision Board), to the silly #07 (Have a bicycle with streamers on the handlebars), to the unlikely #129 (Canoe down the Amazon). A few of them I'll have done by the end of this year. A few, like #129, I'll only get to do if political climates change so that it's safe to do them. Most of them will take time and/or careful planning.

But it's the dreaming that's important--whether I actually accomplish everything on the list is irrelevant. After all, it's the journey that counts.

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