Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Labor Day Weekend

(I'm about a week late with this, but if I don't do it now, I'll never get it done.)

This was a busy weekend for us.  First, the snake training refresher, which many of you saw on Facebook--an awful and stressful, but totally useful and needed, event. Then, a wonderful, magical rest of the weekend!  Roadtrips, great food, rediscovering us, enjoying our dogs--it was incredible.  I didn't take any pics of the towns, restaurants or other people places we visited, but here are some of the natural highlights.

A view of the Texas hill country.

An angry cow, found on one of the numerous back roads we traveled which had loose livestock roaming around them.

A place that has become one of our favorite places in all of Texas.  

The ubiquitous cactus in bloom.

Obviously near a water source, as you won't find green like this anywhere else in this state at this scorching time of year.

Naturally terraced cactus.

The aforementioned water.  Surface water is a rare sight here in this drought.

More terraces.

DH, Don, intent on something.  :)

This might be my favorite shot of over 100 pictures.  Don, again, this time watching his step.

 Limestone cliffs near the bats.


Jenn said...

Lovely pictures! We can spot a feral Don in the wild. You should get in front of the camera too!

While I don't think I could live in the Texas climate, I can see it as a great place for touring. Limestone cliffs are familiar, but the rest of the landscape is something else!

The terraced cacti are very cool; every gardener's envy. :)

I miss you guys.

CousinLinda said...

Thanks! There are some pics of me, but they're on Don's camera, and I haven't stolen them onto my system yet, lol!

I have to agree. It's not a bad place to visit, but no one should live here. ;>

The terraces looked like someone had made them, planted them, and tended to them. It was so cool that they were totally natural!

We miss you, too. You should come and "tour" sometime!

Cousin Don said...

Cool pics sweetie!

CousinLinda said...

Thank you!