Friday, September 5, 2014


I've had trouble with electronics ever since I started on my current Wiccan path.  Even a little before, actually. 

For instance, I used to LOVE wristwatches.  I own close to twenty of them, I love them so much.  But I no longer wear them.  They won't last more than a handful of days after I put a new battery into them before they just quit working.  They don't slow down, they don't do anything but just stop. Also, I can no longer install software.  I can't even be near when my DH installs it or it won't work for him, either.  I've had so much trouble with my iPhone (and, subsequently, with Apple customer service) that I've changed my password to a version of "I hate Apple."  My new car is having so many electrical troubles (and Chrysler's customer service has been nothing but a big joke so far) that DH and I are seriously considering pressing a Lemon lawsuit. 

There are lots and lots of instances like that, small and large, but I won't go on.  Suffice it to say that the modern world and I no longer get along too well.  I've learned to get around it, most of the time.  But today.  Oh, man, today.

A friend of mine posted on her blog for the first time in a long time, as I'm doing now.  It's on LiveJournal, and I haven't been there since she last posted.  I thought, cool!  I'll just go over there and see what she's got to say.  Wrong.  I tried to sign into LJ and it said my password was wrong.  No problem.  Maybe I just didn't remember it after so long.  I told it I forgot my password.  It got lost in the weeds.  Sigh.  I tried a number of other times, but same problem.  I finally got it to go to the reset screen, and went through the process of resetting my password.  Then it said accounts like mine didn't have passwords.  But if I tried to enter without any password it said I needed one.  Sigh again.  So I signed in through FaceBook (and don't even get me started about FB.)  It let me in, but wouldn't let me see my friend's post.  My friend checked, and yes, I did indeed have permission to see it.  Still couldn't.  Tried more password stuff. No avail.  I then spent an hour or so trying to log out.  Hah!  Still, I finally did it.  Then I went back in with my Google password.  Finally, SUCCESS!  Although, sorry, Jenn.  By that time it was just a teensy bit anti-climatic.  :)   

But, enough of my rant.  I'm very happy that she posted an entry today, and I hope it inspires me to start posting regularly again myself.  And I'd rather have magick than technology anyway.

But do any of my witchy friends have problems like this?


Jenn said...

I appear to keep killing the battery on my Fitbit. Fitbit has assured me that I had a faulty model, but the new one is doing it too!

CousinLinda said...

I'm sorry, but that's kind of comforting. It means it's not just me! :)