Friday, August 13, 2010

The Goddess

This comes from another prompt from Pagan Blog Prompts:  The prompt was to share an image of how the Goddess looks to you.  I opted for a description, instead.

The one thing consistent about how I see the the Goddess is that She is ALWAYS in the forest--a forest so old and thick that the backdrop of any vision I see of Her is always dark and solid-looking, alive with ancient trees and huge ferns.  The occasional spectacular burst of wildflowers, or changing leaves, or pure white snow punctuate the landscape.

Sometimes She is walking a meandering path deep in the trees, only enough rays of sunlight filtering down to light that path.  Or perhaps She is coming out of a small dwelling in a large clearing, looking up at the starlit sky. Often, She is sitting or standing in a small clearing beside water or ice, be it a stream or small pool, a well or a small waterfall.  Occasionally She is walking under full sunlight in a high meadow, high walls of trees all 'round.

She tends to appear to me as either a woman of indistinct age, somewhere between 25 and 45, or a crone of very advanced age, more advanced than a mere human will ever see.  I have only but rarely seen Her as a maiden, perhaps because I found this Path far beyond my own maiden days. 

As the crone Her hair is white, and Her clothes somber.  As the younger woman, Her hair is long and light brown or strawberry blonde, and Her clothing tends to be light--whites, creams, and occasionally the palest of greens.  In either case, Her skirts are always long, and She usually wears a cloak, either of black, dark brown, or of a very dark green.

How do you see the Goddess, Dear Reader?


RowanChild said...

Lovely description, I too imagine her to be in a forest a lot.

CousinLinda said...

Thank you.