Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Still Need Balance

Well, despite all my attempts to at least LIKE the heat, I was excited and happy this morning when it was actually chilly for the 1st time.  My spirit just soared.  Sigh.

I guess it's just how I'm built--try as I might, I can't help looking forward to fall and winter.  Maybe if we end up with a pool or pond where I can swim in the next house it will help me enjoy hot weather more.  The long, long winters here in Ontario (and my container garden) have at least taught me to enjoy spring, and that's a start!

Tomorrow I'll try and create a list of everything good about hot weather.  Any suggestions?


Linda in New Mexico said...

Yeah, hot weather sucks but good stuff happens because of hot weather. You could go with that my dear. And when you find the secret to balance.....please publish it so the rest of us can jump on the right place and with the right weight and couter balance eh? tee hee. The Olde Bagg

CousinLinda said...

Sure thing! ;> (And thanks for the advice.)