Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Which Came First . . .

Had an interesting discussion with DH yesterday, regarding wood stoves.  Now, understand that we do not have a wood stove at the moment, nor even a wood fireplace.  But I dream of a studio over a garage heated by a wood stove. 

"Why?"  you ask.

I just find them terribly romantic, even beyond their incredible efficiency.  And the idea of banking them at night and then having them waiting for you in the morning. . .delicious.

The discussion was over whether to start gathering wood, and then acquire the stove, or to get the stove, then start saving wood for it.  It seems like it would make sense to get the wood, then the stove.  Otherwise, you chance having a stove you have to buy wood for all winter. 

Problem is, we, and I in particular, have a terrible habit of buying all the "stuff" needed to accomplish a project, whether it's a home repair project or an art project, and then not actually doing the project.  It's very frustrating, a great way to accumulate a house full of things you don't need, a horrible waste of money, and irresponsible to boot.  (We are getting better about it, though.)

Of course, this is a moot discussion unless we can actually sell the house this fall and buy a farm/homestead.

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